Thursday, May 14, 2015

Brawl with the Burly Brothers

My group met with everyone present for the first time in several months this past weekend to revisit the Land of Azurth and deal with those blackguard Burly Brothers in their former prison hulk hideout. Skim the former posts to get up to speed.

So, the Burly Brothers are holed up on the lower deck. All their henchmen are dead or fled, but the Brothers still have the Lardafan Vagrant-Ambassador Lumpley Gritz and his monkey Mister Jip in their meaty grasp.

The Brothers want to negotiate the parties' withdrawal, but our heroes are having none of it. Cully, the bard, goes in to check the safety of the ambassador (and use a sleep spell to secure his release) but gets buffaloed by a Burly and the spell just puts the ambassador to sleep. Negotiations are over!

The odds aren't in the Burly Brothers' favor, but they're bruisers of ogrish size, so they can take a lot of punishment--and dish it out. The Erkose the Fighter and Waylon the Frogling join Cully the Bard in unconsciousness. Kairon the Warlock and Shae the Ranger keep the ranged attacks going, but for a while it doesn't seem like they're going to be able to hold out. Luckily, Dagmar the Cleric is able to sneak around and apply some healing spells and pass some healing berries. Waylon gets a surprise attack on Brother M'Gog and finishes him.

Brother Goofus goes into a killing frenzy and charges into melee range with Shae, he's put down too. After a long battle, the Burly Brothers and their organization are no more.

The gang scavenges the ship for treasure. Among a reasonable hall of silver, they find an usual item that appears magical:

They plan to visit the Queen Azura and let the Queen of the Floating World, Calico Bonny know they've taken out her rival, then see if they can get an audience with the Clockwork Princess Viola to find out about the mysterious item.

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