Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Comics Apocalypses

There have been a lot of post-apocalyptic comics. (I've covered several before on this blog, in fact!) Over the next installments, I won't to point out the various post-apoc comics in print somewhere besides the back issue bin (and maybe a few that are only there). We'll start with DC:

Atomic Knights
What's the apocalypse? "The Hydrogen War," October 1986.
Who are the heroes? The Atomic Knights who wear armor from the Middle Ages and ride giant mutant Dalmatians to help rebuild society and right wrongs.
Where can you read it? Atomic Knights (hardcover), Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster (soft cover, b&w).

What's the Apocalypse? The Great Disaster, the nature of which is unspecified.
Who are the heroes? The Last Boy on Earth (Kamandi) and his friends and allies, who fight weird mutant animal cultures and other oddities.
Where can you read it? Kamandi Omnibus vol. One and Two

Hercules Unbound
What's the Apocalypse? A nuclear war
Who are the heroes? Hercules and his teen friends fighting Ares and his minions.
Where can you read it? Showcase Presents: The Great Disaster

What's the Apocalypse? A limited nuclear war ca. 2045.
Who are the heroes? Jonah Hex (the Old West anti-hero) brought to future.
Where can you read it? In back issues only, alas.

What's the Apocalypse? "The Blight", an ecological disaster. Then the creatures of myth and magic return.
Who are the heroes? Prosper Monday and other human survivors in world overrun by creatures from myth and legend.
Where can you read it? Starting with Hinterkind vol 1: The Waking World

Y: The Last Man
What's the Apocalypse? A genetic plague that wipes out almost everyone with a Y chromosome in July of 2002.
Who are the heroes? Yorick Brown, the last man, and his monkey Ampersand.
Where can you read it? Starting with Y: The Last Man Book One


Martin R. Thomas said...

This is a great list! I've read quite a bit of these, but there are some I've not had a chance to get to (mainly Hercules Unbound and the old Hex stuff).

I toyed back and forth with Hinterkind when I saw that it announced. I might check it out in trade format now.

Looking forward to seeing your lists for the other companies!

Jim Shelley said...

Nice round up. I would include marvels Killraven and possibly Deathlok though the apocalypse seems less defined in Deathlok.

Trey said...

Those are coming. Like I say in the intro, today's are just DCs.

garrisonjames said...

Killraven and Deathlok are good suggestions, as are Exterminator One, Hunter 1 & 2, Schreck from Warren; Grimjack from First; Doomsday +1 from charlton; Mighty Samson from Gold Key and maybe some of the tie-ins like Planet of the apes that several publishers have done over the years. There's plenty of this sort of thing to keep you busy for quite some time to come, which is a good thing--this promises to be a fun new series!

JB said...

I love post-apoc lit (comic or otherwise). Thanks for the tips!

(Kamandi is some disturbing shit by the way...)

garrisonjames said...

Strontium Dog. Can't believe I missed that...