Friday, August 21, 2015

A Catalog of Baroque Space

Too John Dee and Paracelsus to be Spelljammer, too antiquated and weird to be Space: 1899. Here's all the posts I've written on Baroque Space in one place:

Baroque Space: The Argument.
The Planetary Spheres: A cosmos in one place.
The Fae Moon: Is an eldritch mistress
The Inner Planets: Mercurians and Venerians.
Among the Asteroids: Random asteroids.
Death & Time: Saturn is a gloom place.
Famous Pirates of Baroque Space: Dashing villains all, I'm sure.
Social Classes: Life on Earth.


Tanner Yea said...

All the links are scrambled up. For example, the Asteroids one links to Famous Pirates

Trey said...

Yeah, a few of them were. Fixed now.

Chris Kutalik said...

Hooray for the indexing. I find myself going back to many of your old posts and they are always handy.