Thursday, August 6, 2015

Draconic Correspondences

This comes from a productive accidental brainstorming with Richard and Mateo on G+ yesterday. Something formed will hopefully come from this.

Chromatic Dragon Colors & Alchemical Associations:
Black: lead, vitriol (sulfuric acid), fire, the smell of sulfur, putrefation, phelgmatic.
Blue: tin, rust, water, acrid smell, dissolution, melancholic.
Green: copper, earth, saltpeter, chlorine smell, amalgamation, sanguine.
Red: iron, air, sodium carbonate, rotten egg smell, separation, choleric.
White: silver, alchemical mercury, after a rain smell, unemotional.


Darnizhaan said...

Well, ok, yeah, but what did the dragons have to say to each other?

Trey said...

Mostly they just talk about things they eaten and places they've burned.

Chris C. said...

I like this alot -- it reminds me a bit Galen's humors. Very cool.