Monday, August 3, 2015

The Search

While I wouldn't call it a holy grail or anything, Aaron Allston's Lands of Mystery (1985) is a gaming book I have been looking for for a while--at a price that wasn't exorbitant. I finally snagged a copy this weekend, but I haven't got a chance to read it yet.

We live in an age where the internet makes obscure or forgotten bits of gaming literature easier to find than every before (though it still isn't always easy)and the same internet makes chance of finding a gem for a steal at some local used book store or comic book store is actually less than it used to be. There still a small since of achievement when you check one of the wishlist.

Anybody out there got any lost bit's of gaming history they've been looking to acquire for ages?


Gothridge Manor said...

I'm still trying to find a good copy of Flying Buffalo's Citybook VI. Very expensive. They are some of my favorite gaming books. I have all of them, but that one and of course it is the rarest. The other one I hunted for, for a long time was Chaosium's Thieves World box set. I scored that one a year or two ago.

Tim Snider said...

Been looking for Lands of Mystery myself for years. Nice find. Been trying to locate a Pacesetter Chill Master CM screen for a while. Very hard to come by apparently.

Tom said...

The microgame "Lords of Underearth".

It was the first fantasy game I ever owned and my love for it was what convinced my parents to get my Dungeons & Dragons for Christmas. The cover art is still among my favorite pieces of fantasy art.

I have a copy of the rules and a home-brew set, but I would love to own the original. Unfortunately I haven't found a set for a price I'm willing to pay.

Jay Dugger said...

1) Lands of Mystery
2) Super Agents

Strike Force I've had for years, and High Frontier just finished kickstarting a new edition.

Trey said...

I'd like to get ahold of Strike Force, myself.

Aos said...

I require a copy of Lands of Mystery as well.
I'd like a copies of Chaosium's Thieves' World Box Set, and Gamma World 2e too.

CoreyHaim8myDog said...

I have Gamma World 2E. Ran it a few years back.