Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wednesday Comics: Storm: The Secret of the Nitron Rays

Storm: The Secret of the Nitron Rays (1981) (part 4)
(Dutch: Het Geheim van de Nitronstralen)
Art by Don Lawrence & Script by Dick Matena

Storm and the Earth forces set a trap for the Azurian pirates by hiding in a slow moving cargo vessel they know the raiders won't be able to resist. The plan works, but neither Bitak or the traitor Benjamin are among them. Apparently, she took one of the spacecraft the pirates had captured and they took off.

Storm is convinced he's got to pursue Benjamin. He takes a dimension ship to go from Azurian colony to colony looking for them. He doesn't have much luck.

Benjamin and Bitak have reached a Azurian colony Benjamin was searching for: a place where they find an old enemy of Storm's, the Supervisor. When Benjamin tells him why they've come, he agrees to help them.

Back on Earth, Storm decides they had best finally solve the mystery of Bitak's powers. Eventually, Mordegai's notes guide a young scientist, Correll, to the answer: Azurians of a certain rare bloodtype will develop powers when exposed to nitron radiation. As luck would have it, 100 Azurians they tested have the bloodtype and are willing to be experimented on:

It works!

Out on the Azurian colony, Bitak has become displeased with Benjamin. After he slaps her, she blows up some of his work and runs away. Benjamin tells the Supervisor it doesn't matter: he now knows the secret of her power. The Supervisor embarks on his on plan to develop more telekinetics.

In a stolen ship, Bitak is picked up by an Earth patrol. She tells Storm and the others about the plans of Benjamin and the Supervisor. Storm summons the telekinetic Azurians they created.

They don't have the wait long. The Supervisor's force arrive. His telekinetic forces create fierce storms and waterspouts, but they are neautralized by the Earth telekinetics. Then, it's old fashion ship to ship fighting.

The Supervisor wants to retreat. Benjamin pulls a gun on him; he's not willing to give up so easy. Unfortunately for him, the Supervisor also had the rare bloodtype:

The Supervisor manages to escape, but most of his forces aren't so lucky.

Bitak and the other telekinetics decide to take the dimension ships and find their own world where they can live in peace. Storm and Ember bid them good bye.

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Hooray, it's over! Now the actual good stuff will be next!