Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday Comics: Storm: The Legend of Yggdrasil

My exploration of the long-running euro-comic Storm, continues. Earlier installments can be found here.

Storm: The Legend of Yggdrasil (1981)
(Dutch: De Legende van Yggdrasil)
Art by Don Lawrence & Script by Kelvin Gosnell

The Azurian War is overed and peace reigns. Storm and Ember are bored. Storm is an astronaut, not a leader, but as a figure in the revolution he's saddled with responsibilities. After showing off in an ancient airplane just earns him a lecture from a councilor, Storm decides to try for Jupiter's Great Red Spot and see if he can return to his own time.

Ember wants to go to, but Storm worries it's too dangerous and she would be out of place in the past, so he sneaks off to go without her. He steals a spacecraft only to find Ember has stowed away aboard!

The two fly into the red spot. The intense gravitational forces knock Ember out and threaten to do the same to Storm--and then destroy the ship. When he can't take any more, Storm activates the automated reverse trajectory to return them to earth.

The ship has been damaged and the chances of landing safely are slim, but they have no choice. Storm's piloting skill keeps them from burning out but the landing is far from an easy one. After the crash, everything is silent. Strange watchers look on from a distance:


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Anthony said...

Yay! We're finally getting to the good stuff. Notice how much stronger Ember's personality has become already in these first few pages ("HOW DARE YOU LEAVE WITHOUT ME?!"), compared to the previous two episodes in which she even barely said a word. (I just counted this for fun: In "The Battle for Earth" there are 44 pages. Let's say each page have an average of 6 frames, then this episode has about 264 frames. And in 264 frames, Ember only speaks SIX times!) So glad that we now get to the point she is becoming Storm's equal instead of just a side character. And of course, over the years she would become even more popular than Storm himself. Gee, I wonder why... NOT!