Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Empire and Venus

This is a follow-up to this post

Perhaps no planet in the Solar System has benefited more from the benevolent hand of the Earth Empire than Venus. The thick covering of clouds obscures modernization on a grand scale, and a planet moving from ignorance and savagery to progress and industry!

Looks a bit draft, doesn't it? The barracks are heated!

The mist-enshrouded cloud forests of the Venusian Highlands are home to a hairy race of primitive tribesmen, known to Earth explorers as "Woollies." The Woollies historically lived in crude, wooden huts, high up in trees to escape the numerous Venusian predators, but the Imperial Development Corps has helped them transition to secure reservations, with many modern Earth comforts. The grateful Woollies are eager to help the war effort against the rebellion, and the Imperial Army lets the well-meaning but unskilled primitives pitch in with menial tasks!

In the lowlands, the reptilian predators are even larger, making colonization and development hazardous. The Empire has granted Venusian Timber an exclusive contract to clear away those forests and eradicate the monstrous beasts, all in the name of a better tomorrow.

Watch out, there's one of them, now!
Everyone has heard the stories of the green gnome of the Venusian swamps. Well, there have been reports of rebel activity in the area, too, and the government worries this eccentric old Venusian might be in danger! Imperial troops are looking for the little, old alien and hope to relocate him to safety, soon! Good searching, trooper!

They're gonna find you, little guy. Bet on it!


JB said...

This is pretty good stuff (though I did like MY idea of wookies being "uplifted" apes...). Kashyk (or however you spell it) has held a fascination for me since I first saw it on TV as a child (I also had a book or two of "wookie adventures") but it's pretty tough to incorporate into a SW game...I mean, there's just not much reason to go there, unless you're a slaver or a wook.

But incorporating it into Venus...well, there's only so many planets in our solar system to visit. Jeez, you could transform Mercury to Tatooine, Uranus (or one of its moons) to Hoth, have Bespin circling gas giant Jupiter... so many possibilities with Solar Star Wars. AND THEN, because of the finite limit of the solar system, there's no need to contrive cheesy reasons for having players visit familiar film spots.

Pretty awesome. I'm really digging on the concept of Solar Wars.
: )

Any interest in collaborating on a project?

Trey said...

I may well have interest. Feel free to email me (email's in my profile). Though full disclosure, my interest sometimes outstrips my bandwidth to actually do stuff, but up for the discussion.

Anne said...

I came here expecting more Baroque Space, but this is a nice companion to Solar Trek. If the surface is like Dagobah, and the upper forests are like Endor, it seems like Cloud City could be up even higher. Maybe on mile-high poles like the Jetson houses?

Trey said...

That's a good thought, Anne! I may spread things about a bit though.