Thursday, April 25, 2019

Heroes of the Outer Planes---FIGHT!

I think the Gygaxian Great Wheel, if properly interpreted, could serve as a high-powered fantasy campaign. The planes could be expansive arenas in which martial artists with ever-increasing powers contend for some ultimate prize--like Highlander meets Dragonball Z. Or maybe the planes are just the exotic lands that serve as locales for the high-powered adventures of super-folks, more like the gang in Dreadstar or the Guardians of the Galaxy that a typical D&D adventuring party.

The more I think about it, most cosmic stuff Starlin has written would be good inspiration here.

Exalted and Kill 6 Billion Demons would be good, too, if you've gotta have something besides Starlin.


Unknown said...

K6BD is stupid good.
One strip gives you multiple cosmic campaign ideas or NPC's
I can see Exalted working as a system, but it might need FATE or PbtA due to the pure insanity on those pages.

Anne said...

A tournament where you fight your way around the Great Wheel sounds like a lot of fun.

As does some kind of winner-take-all fight for continued existence, where two planes enter, only one plane leaves.

As long as we're speculating about rules, if you're running an all-combat game with no meaningful out-of-combat action, 4e could also be a good way to adjudicate all the sick moves and rad skillz of your street fighters and mortal combatants.