Thursday, April 4, 2019

The Weird Solar System of "Life on Other Worlds"

"Life on Other Worlds" was a feature that appeared periodically in Planet Comics in the 1940s. Most were drawn by Murphy Anderson, but the writer is unknown. I am not completely sold on the sometimes promulgated "Planes as Planets" idea in regard to D&D's Outer Planes, chiefly because I think it sometimes sells planes and planets a bit short on weirdness, for some reason. Reading some of these "Life on Other Worlds" segments and thinking about them as planes as caused me to rethink that position.

Take Saturn, for instance:

Mercury is more conventional, but still:


Handy Haversack said...

It's a regulation space T-shirt. Don't leave Earth without it!

sycarion said...

Here's the entire list of planets (and Calisto):

sycarion said...

Here is a link to the entire solar system (and Calisto):