Sunday, March 21, 2021

Again, The Giants! Collated

Art by Jason Sholtis

Back in 2017, I did a series posts doing adventure sketches re-imaging Against the Giants. Here's the complete list:

Wedding of the Hill Giant Chief

Sanctum of the Stone Giant Space God

Glacial Gallery of the Frost Giant Artist


Dick McGee said...

1) I feel kind of bad for poor Stumbo there. He never struck me as the marrying kind. He is a real catch, though.

2) That entire concept is genius and I'm stealing it for my own evil purposes. Could work in a scifi game too, with the "stone giants" being primitive natives and the PCs being an away team/dodgy travellers/shipwrecked explorers.

3) Bonus points if you can work in a medusa "sculptor" who's insanely jealous of the frost giant's success - and who maybe wants the players to help her make her rival into her most ambitious work ever.

Trey said...

Steal away!