Monday, March 22, 2021

Sentinel Comics RPG Session 1: "Itsy Bitsy Spiderbots"

Roll Call:

Action Jack: Man of Action--Man Out of Time!
Fibbit: Manic Pixie Extradimensional Dream Girl!
Infranaut: IR-Powered Celebrity Hero!
Il Masso: The Rock-Solid Hero of Little Italy!
Space Racer: Cosmic Speedster!

Supporting Characters: Zauber the Magnificent (flashback only)

Villains: Spiderbots (first appearance)

Synopsis: Individually, enjoying a day in Empire Park, our heroes are startled by an attacked of spider-shaped robots emerging from the sewers, which seem to be particularly targeting them. Our heroes destroy the robots, and join forces. During the melee, Fibbit catches gets images of a peculiar industrial building and a man dressed as a magician, who ages before her eyes. Space Racer had a flashback to a vague memory of a dead world, somehow displaced in time.

Action Jack recognizes Fibbit magician as Zauber the Magnificent, a magician and crime fighter from the war years.

Fibbit also warns the others that she also sensed a malevolent force in the direction of the spiderbots' origin--and it seemed to sense her back!


Unlikely Lass said...

Classic “get the heroes together” scenario!

I’m curious to know more about the heroes — would you and/or the players be willing to share character sheets?

Trey said...

I don't see any reason why not, but I will ask them!

JB said...

What system did you end up using?

Trey said...

The Sentinel Comics RPG.

Unknown said...

How did it compare to Icons?
Also the new Cortex system has a Masters of the Multiverse game coming out soon that I might use to play a crazy Jack Kirby style supers game in the MoTU setting.