Thursday, March 4, 2021

Twilight: XXXX

With Twilight: 2000 on it's way back in a new edition, it seemed like a good time to think about retro-apocalyptic alternate histories other than the official one.

Twilight: 1945
Germany gets the bomb, but it isn't enough to save the Third Reich, just enough to take basically everyone else down with them. The players are allied troops stranded in Europe, just trying to make it it back home.

Twilight: 1984
The worst fears of the early 80s are realized and there's a limited nuclear exchange, but enough to send everything crashing down. Here the action might be stateside, in the fractured United States (much like the state of the U.S. envisioned in the regular game).


JB said...

Wasn't "Twilight: 1984" already done with The Price of Freedom AKA "Red Dawn, the RPG?"

Savage Tales looks kind of awesome...and I've never heard of it! Care to do a profile/review post one of these days?

Brutorz Bill said...

I agree with JB, Savage Tales looks cool!

Alex Osias said...

Oh -- The Price of Freedom by Greg Costikyan (with the "Better Dead than Red" shirt?)