Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Cryptids

These 3-4 foot tall humanoids have leathery skin, webbed hands and feet, and hairless, wrinkled, frog-like heads. They're typically found around rivers or creeks in wilderness areas, though what they’re doing there is any body's guess. Leaders carry wand like devices that produce sparks, which can probably be used as a weapon. These creatures were sighted in our world on May 25, 1955 at 3AM by an unnamed businessman near a bridge alongside the Miami River in Ohio. Ohio Frog Men: #App.: 3-6; HD: 1, AC 7 [12]; Atk 1 bite (1-4), or weapon; Move 12; Save: 18; Special: wand (1d6 points electrical damage on hit).

MOMO (Missouri Monster)
A anthropoid creature with a large, pumpkin-shaped head, and black fur so shaggy that no facial features can be discerned, beyond perhaps the occasional glimpse of eyes. It has three-toed feet. Like the skunk-ape, momo exudes a nauseating stench. Momo is always hungry and has been known to kill small animals for food, or steal human food Yogi Bear-style. In our world, Momo is sighted in Missouri in wilderness areas along the Mississippi River.
Momo: #App.: 1; HD 3; AC 5[14]; Atk 2 claws (1d4); Move 9; Save 14; Special: stench: save vs. poison or -1 to attacks due to nausea.


Unknown said...

I've always had a thing for Frog Men. They are weird and creepy and goofy at the same time.

Scott said...

The Ohio frog guys made an appearance in my Thool setting:

I don't think I ever used them. The pic is a public domain image that I cropped; I think he was originally holding an umbrella.

Trey said...

@Risus - Creepy and goofy is exactly the right description.

@Scott - Cool. And you included the almonds and alfala bit I accidentally left out here.

Anonymous said...

A creepy mothman-like critter would fit in nicely. The only thing I liked about d20 Modern was the bestiary, and the mothfolk were pretty weird.

Trey said...

Yeah, I often think about doing the Mothman, but then a figure d20 Modern already did that. It did have a good bestiary.