Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random Femme Fatale Encounter

In the bold tradition of the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide's Random Harlot Encounter Table, I thought I should offer a somewhat less focused Random Femme Fatale Encounter Table for use in the City, and its world--or maybe any pulpish setting.   And its illustrated.

Femme fatale’s are 50% likely to have useful information, but only 30% likely to spill it, and 15% likely to make up something. There is 60% chance she’ll attempt to enlist a PC's help in regard to her problem which will inevitably lead to more trouble.

01-10  Devil in a Blue Dress

11-25  Songbird

26-35  Reform School Girl

36-45  Carnival Girl

46-55  Burlesque Dancer/Stripper

56-69  Working Girl*

70-75  Wayward Wife

76-85  Gun Moll

86-90  Dope Girl

91-92  "Mata Hari"

93-94  Hayseed/Hillbilly Hussy**

95-98  Swamp Babe**
99-00  Witchy Woman
*If in an urban environment, otherwise replace with appropriate rural alternative.
**If in appropriate rural environment, otherwise re-roll.


John Matthew Stater said...

Love the illustrated table concept

Unknown said...

I concur with Matt and I absolutely love the table. It gives me a kind of naughty feeling. I'm totally need to work this into a game at some point.

Trey said...

Thanks guys. Risus, that's what we aim for here at FTSS, the simulation of naughtiness without the annoying guilt. ;)

Blair said...

I love this table and would use it in my game! It's eminently suitable for any sort of campaign/setting as long as the referee can perform "genre conversions" on their feet.

I am practically biting my e-tongue off in restraining myself from making some crack about result %46-55 that would be at the expense of many nowadays burlesque performers of the non- top-shelf persuasion...

Trey said...

Blair, I suspect I know where your coming from regarding some burlesque revival performers.

Glad you like the table, and I hope you find it useful.

rainswept said...
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Harald said...

Naughtiness simulator... Now there's a potential cash-cow if you can make it cheap enough and small enough to be practical to use.

Trey said...

Thanks, rainswept!

Harald - Indeed. Let's get the scientists working on the naughtiness technology.

christian said...

Love the addition of illustrations. Very nice!

Trey said...

Thanks Christian. It gave me a way to use all those trashy pulp novelcovers I'd been collecting on my hard drive.