Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Images from the City

Racing Ornithopters
During the annual "Champion of Innovation Competition" in 5888, flying craft powered by various sorts of raced through the canyon of streets down the length of Empire Island.  The ensuing traffic disruption led to City eoldormen prohibiting such races in the future.

Bone Wars
Competing archeological expeditions to northern Freedonia to excavate mounds and a related underground complex, led to allegations of armed robbery, hijacking, and assault, but yielded amazing finds like this skull, larger than even those of the Ancients. 

The Homunculi City
In 5889, visitors to the World Exposition, marvelled at an entire city of minature, artificially created people.  The exhibit had to be closed down briefly for retooling, as the crowds of giant, leering faces were leading to violence and turmoil, born of superstitious terror, among the city's tiny inhabitants.

Ghoul Queen
A 5866 publicity photo of Morthylla, the first (and only) ghoul "it" girl.  Morthylla disappeared from public view seven years after this picture was taken, though persistence rumors suggest she continued to perform in the subterranean Grand Guignol theater of her people for at least another ten.  Any film from these Undertown theater days would be highly valued by collectors.


Spiralbound said...

Interesting read, however you may wish to revisit the text re: Morthylla. She disappears _7_ years ago, but is reputed to have continued performing underground for another _10_ years... :-)

Trey said...

No, text is correct--she disappeared 7 years after the photo was taken, not "seven years ago."

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Scott said...

Gotta tell you, this stuff is right in my wheelhouse. I'm a confirmed aficionado of weird/dark Americana. :)

Trey said...

Thanks, Scott. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)

Matthew Slepin said...

I so want to play in this setting.