Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Warlord Wednesday: Warlord Sightings

I'll leave Morgan and Ashir in peril for another week, to delve into the Warlord crews appearances in other media...

Skartaris and its prominent citizens appeared in an episode of Cartoon Networks Justice League Unlimited.  Airing originally on September 24, 2005, "Chaos at the Earth's Core" features members of the JLU getting drawn into the inner earth by Jennifer Morgan's magic.  Morgan and his allies need help in the fight against Deimos, who has raised an army equiped with advanced technology, and seeks the mysterious "Great Stone"--which turns out to be kryptonite.  It's a well done episode where all the Warlord supporting cast make an appearance.  It can be found on the season 2 boxset.

In 1982, Remco released a line of action figures to cash in on the popularity of Masters of the Universe, and they chose Warlord as the center of this line.  Other figures were comic cast members like Deimos and Machiste.  Another figure called "Mikola" doesn't appear any any comic I'm aware off, but he resembles the Warlord character Rostov, a bit.  Rounding out the line were non-Warlord DC characters Arak and Hercules (Unbound).

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