Sunday, October 3, 2010

It Gets Inside Your Head

Here’s a monster found in the world of the City and perhaps elsewhere...

Mind Worms are creatures of unassuming appearance, but insidious natures. They largely resemble plump, 2-3 inch long caterpillars, but have human-level (or greater) intellects. Though there is no clear proof, the statements of mind worms themselves suggest they are of extraterrestrial origin, and perhaps alien criminals or political dissidents of some sort.

All mind worms encountered have been the equivalent of megalomaniacs who desire to acquire power by the domination of others. Mind worms are telepathic and can forcibly read the minds of others for usual information. Ultimately, they use their powers to mentally dominate (similar to the Charm Person/Monster except that the worm actually controls the victim's actions, saving throw at -2, with penalties or bonus for Intelligence), or cause Hold Person (as spell). They can only attempt to dominate one person at a time, but can maintain their domination of multiple victims (perhaps 5) without particular effort.  A previous failure to dominate a victim removes their penalty to save on the mind worm's next attempt.  None of their powers are magical, and cannot be dispelled, but serious distraction to a mind worm will give victims a chance at escaping their control (another save), and forcing a victim to do something extremely alien to their nature may provoke another save at GM discretion.

Mind worms typically pick one choice victim to dominate and stay with that person at all times, perhaps hiding in a pocket or nestling under their collar.  One of the greatest weapons mind worms have is there small size and ability to hide.

It’s a lucky for humanity that the mind worms are rivals, and would rather try to kill other than work together.

No. Enc: 1-2
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1
Damage: Mind control, mind reading (see above)
Save: F2
Morale: 8


Welcome to Dungeon! said...

Well, Shazam! A formidable foe!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I used a similar idea to mess with people on hallucinogens, claiming that it felt as if a worm was crawling in my head. It really causes people to squirm. After my first good acid trip I was never really as suggestible as some are (although my brain was putty that time).

Slick critter!

Trey said...

@Cole - Indeed. It's it marvelous? ;D

@vaults - You're a sadistic man, but I admire your ability to keep your wits about you. ;)

Unknown said...

Hiding in a pocket? These suckers need to be boring into your brain! :)

Trey said...

They certainly could if that's what you want--Wrath of Khan style. Or they might turn immaterial and crawl in like the creature mentioned in Lovecraft's common book, but I those to stick with the characteristics of the inspiration (Mr. Mind) in the write-up here.