Thursday, October 7, 2010

Most Wanted

The Investigation Division of  the City’s Metropolitan Police Department maintains two lists of their “most wanted” criminals: one of mundane lawbreakers, and one of “special” cases--which usually means magical malefactors.  Here's a selection from that list, from late in the 5888:

Rumored to be a Yianese nobleman, operates a criminal cult called the Five-Headed Dragon Society. This group is based in San Tiburon where they are involved in white slavery and the narcotic trade. Tsan Chan has operatives in the Yiantown district, and he is suspected of murder by malign summoning, and occult conspiracy within this jurisdiction.

AKA the Mad Monk. Ambrosio Susurrus is the primary figure behind the “Coffin Girl Ring” which is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of at least fifteen young women to create zombies for criminal purposes. Distinguishing Features: tends to dress in a friar’s cassock, and wears his hear in tonsure.

Real name unknown. The Grin is an anarchist wanted for a variety of nonsensical but serious crimes against persons and property. Notably, an attempted forcible transfer of a public official to another plane, assault and battery via sorcery, and unlawful thaumaturgic animation of large machinery with malicious intent. Note: The scissors the Grin habitually carries are a magical weapon and should be treated as a lethal threat.

AKA fantôme. Possibly Ealderdish cat-burglar. Moira Demilune uses thaumaturgical aid in gaining entry and incapacitating victims.  She specializes in the theft of magical items. She is believed to be in possession of a supply of oneiric dust which in itself is a felony.

Pictured above at 1/2 actual size. Illustration #23a may appear in any printed work and has murdered five persons with the past year, and caused serious harm to seven others, who have viewed it. Thaumaturgical investigation has confirmed Illustration #23a’s willful and malicious intent in these crimes. Any work in which Illustration #23a appears should be destroyed immediately, by fire if possible. Distinguishing Features: Monochrome illustration with a present, but illegible, signature.


Unknown said...

Awesome as usual but Illustration #23a is especially inspired and weird.

Matthew Slepin said...

Agreed and agreed. Although going back to the Man Who Laughs is also great.

Trey said...

Thanks guys.

Gothridge Manor said...

Trey great stuff. I like this Most Wanted.

Trey said...

Thanks, Tim. Glad you liked it.

migellito said...

Illustration #23a is pure genius - well done. I actually felt nervous just looking at it while I read th

Trey said...

Migellito? Migellito!