Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Adventure Time!

Is everyone watching this?

For those of you that aren’t, Adventure Time is a animated series on Cartoon Network created by Pendleton Ward. It relates the adventures of Finn, a 12 year-old boy; and Jake, a 28 year-old dog with size-changing and stretching powers, who right wrongs (or try) in a loopy, post-apocalyptic world with the whimsy of Oz, the intoxication amenability of H.R. Pufnstuf, and the utilitarian illogic of eighties video games.

There are quite a few D&D-related references, too. In one episode, Finn frets over imprisoning his nemesis the Ice King when he has done anything wrong (at the moment) because it’s against his “alignment.” The Ice King, in an earlier episode, wonders to himself why he’s not liked, musing: “Is it because I’m a magic-user?”

Then there are nice, humorous plays on traditional fantasy tropes. Our heroes visit a City of Thieves, which has the property of turning everyone with its walls into a thief. There are princesses a plenty to be rescued--though most are far from beauteous. Inhabitants of the land can engage in magical summoning of dire beings from other planes, like when Finn inadvertently summons the business-suited, sole-sucking, Evil Lord from the Nightosphere.

Like any good fantasy, Adventure Time boasts and array of interesting creatures. There are the werewolf-like why-wolves--”possessed of a spirit of inquiry and bloodlust.” The vapid,  valley-girlish Lumpy Space Princess, is representative of the extraplanar cloud-realm of Lumpy Space. Then there’s the wizardry-teaching Bufo, which are tadpole-like things in wizard hats, floating in the throat sac of a anthropomorphic frog.

Yes, its pretty weird.  But also very cool. Check it out.


christian said...

"i'll slay anything that's evil. That's my deal."

My sons and I la la love Adventure Time. It's such a funny show and as you mentioned, full of gaming references. So great!

Unknown said...

Nope, no can do. I got rid of my tv back in -08 and haven't looked back since. I might have a look around the intertubes and see if I can't find it there, though.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

I was going to make this exact post. I watch it with my sons and when Finn said "that's against my alignment" I died.

I also love how an old lady he was protecting called him "Paladin".

It might be the most D&D cartoon on TV right now. It is weird as all hell and awesome.

It gets an extra bonus from me because the dog is named Jake and I always wanted to have a dog named Jake (can't deathly allergic, and I mean throat closing, blisters on my skin allergic).

Alex Schroeder said...

Looking forward to a DVD...

Trey said...

No DVD announced so far, but hopefully we'll get one eventually. Cartoon Network's recent history isn't reassuring, though.

Unknown said...

My son's name is Finn, so that adds an extra reason for a five-year-old (and his nerd father) to love the show.

Lagomorph Rex said...

I saw that last night.. the creepy horse that wouldn't stop starring at them..

It was a pretty unique show..

Pickley said...

You can watch it online from my blog too. :)