Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Tough Characters from the City

In gearing up for my game in the City, I thought I’d stat up a few characters for my player’s to have as examples. Here, (in my modified version of Stuart Robertson’s Weird West) are a couple of Tough Guys (the City’s version of Fighters):

“Salty” Sam Depape
Old sailor as at home in a South Seas squall as he is in a Wharf Street ginhouse brawl.

Path: Tough Guy
Level: 5

Fighting 5 “I always out-roughs ‘em”
Toughness (Grit) 5 “one tough gazookus”
Special (Magic) 1 “I gots a secret weppin”
Knack (Skill) 2 “old sea-hand”

Fists d2

Special Abilities:
koboloba leaf: Fighting +2, Toughness +1 after consumption. Unarmed attacks use d6. Lasts until end of fight.  Once a day.

Eliza Gunn
Tough young gal from the Dustlands.

Path: Tough Guy
Level: 4

Fighting 4 “good in a scrap”
Toughness 4 “girl’s tougher than she looks”
Special 0
Knack 3 “ace mechanic”

magic over-sized wrench: d6 damage. Can harm magical creatures that couldn’t otherwise be harmed. Unbreakable.


The Angry Lurker said...

Nothing better than an over-sized wrench, good characters.

Unknown said...

God damn but Popeye is an ugly fucker.

And a big wrench does make a good improv weapon.

Meowlissa said...

I can't believe you posted a picture of what I look like in the mornings...

Unbreakable eh? very nice.

Brent Wolke said...

I dig your take on Stuart's rules. More proof that he's on to something good.

Additionally, I like that these characters say about your city/setting. Nicely evocative.

BigMike said...

Dibs on stealing old man poppey for my next gaming session ;)

Needles said...

Nice, I'm just getting ready to really use the "Drive Angry" post & you post these two! Grrreatt must now find reason to use them in future.

Unknown said...

I ran into that Popeye image, along with otherscartoons made real, a few weeks ago. Yeesh. I agree with Grumpy that he is one ugly fuck.

So, looks like you're taking WW in the direction that I was thinking? You still have a problem with defense/skill mapping?

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

Now @Meowlissa, you know you have red hair and that guy's clearly balled. ;)

@Needles - Maybe you could find a way to combine both of them. ;)

@Risus - After our discussions, I loosened my stance a little bit, but maybe not completely. This is what I'm thinking: "Special" will denote a unusual or esoteric ability. Mundane intellectual abilities (i.e. lawyer or scientist) are of little adventuring consequences and will just be background--"monster veterinarian", "famous occult scholar", "world's greatest detective", or "mad scientist" would go here.

"Knack" will be for general dexterity/agility and fine motor skill related training or talents. So "ace mechanic" goes here ("former mechanic" as an occupation, however, would just be background).

Unknown said...

You gotta love a wench with a wrench, and is that canned or fresh koboloba leafs?

Trey said...

Depape woud prefer fresh ("more vituhminks," he says), but he has to rely on canned much of the time from an importer in Yiantown.

Dan said...

Hey, on the magic/special conundrum, how about something to tie in with the name of the setting: "strangeness"? It seems to be that's what you're after - any area of ability as long as it is taken to strange levels.

Trey said...

I thought about "Strange"--it felt a little stronger than what I wanted. It came down to "Special" or "Unusual"--neither of which are entirely satisfying, but I guess they're just placeholders in some ways, anyway, so I don't know how much it matters.