Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ferris Wheel, Longship, and A Dinosaur Graveyard

You might have seen Berlin's derelict Spreepark in the film Hanna or in photos on the internet. In any case, it seems like it would make a great setting for an adventure.  Post-apocalyptic gaming comes immediately to mind, but it wouldn't take much imagining to turn it into some wizard's bizarre garden in a fantasy game.

To make that easier, here's a map:

Here's the Dragon-prowed longship:

And the swan boats:

How do these things fit together? You decide.


Gothridge Manor said...

Hmm, I don't know, but I'm digging the headless stegosaurus. That place looks like a 10 year-olds dream to just wander through and explore.

Unknown said...

Maybe it is what the PCs find when they cross over to the feywild; an abandoned amusement park. And all the text is in German.

Siskoid said...

Vikings campaign... the drakar comes across a lost land on an island, where the dinosaurs never died out. Now, if you know your Edgar Rice Burroughs and such, you know there are always strange tribes and civilizations in these kinds of lands.

What will your Viking warrior think where he sees the Swan People's armada come to meet the boat?

Gus L said...

Seems like it would make a great Weird Adventures locale. Either upstate a bit or in the Old World - ruined by fantastical WWI. In fact a Weird Adventure amongst the Old Worlds ruins and trenches has a great deal of maudlin appeal to me

Trey said...

@Tim - Indeed. And the ten year oldin a lot of grown-ups.

@Grumpy Celt - Ha! A grim fairy tale, indeed.

@Siskoid - I suspect somebody's gonna get killed.

@Gibbering Mouther - I think you're onto something there!

Canageek said...

It is dead now, but you might be able to get some inspiration from Artificial Owl:
Great collection of abandoned things. If you want more pictures of abandoned things let me know; I can dig up a bunch more.