Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Warlord Wednesday: Who's Who

Before I embarked on Warlord Annual #4, I though I should recap the major characters of the series for any new readers.  So here we go. The cast of Warlord:

The Warlord's family:
The Warlord - Travis Morgan: Former pilot in the USAF, he now fights injustice in the hollow world of Skartaris.

Tara: Mate of Travis Morgan, queen of the city of Shamballah.

Tinder (Joshua): The son of Morgan and Tara. Believed by his parents to be dead due to the machinations of the demon-priest Deimos, Joshua is known to them now as the former street urchin and sneak-thief, Tinder.

Jennifer Morgan: Skartaris's sorceress supreme. She's Morgan's daughter by his first (now deceased) wife. She followed her father to Skartaris but found her own destiny.

His companions:

Shakira: Women who turns into a cat or cat who turns into a woman? She keeps her secrets

Machiste: Former king of Kiro and Morgan's companion from his gladiator days.

Mariah Romanov: Machiste's lover. A Russian archeologist and fencing champion who came with Morgan back to Skartaris after he briefly returned to the surface world.

Ashir: King of Kaambuka. Self-styled second greatest thief in Skartaris.

Krystovar: A healer and seeker of ancient knowledge. He spent his life fighting the New Atlanteans for taking his brother.

Scarhart: Taciturn warrior and last of his tribe from a parallel world.

His enemies:

Deimos: The former priest of Thera, Deimos had mastered both magic and ancient Atleantean technology. After many return battles, he appears to have finally been killed.

Saaba: A witch with the ability to turn into a raven. She bears a grudge against Morgan and is now working with the New Atlanteans.

Lord Sabretooth: Beast-man and leader of the New Atlantean forces in Skartaris. He has sworn personal revenge against Morgan.


Dan said...

Wow, this brings back memories. I used to love this stuff.

The Angry Lurker said...

Give me a little Shakira with some honey on her!

Gothridge Manor said...

I need to bookmark this post so I can keep them straight. Or start reading Warlord.