Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Game is (Almost) Afoot!

With two Weird Adventures games about to kick off (one face-to-face with WaRP, and the other with Lorefinder on Google+), there are few rumors and events in the City that might be of interest to one or the other groups of players:

Cyrus Westerly died 10 years ago, but in accordance with his wishes, his estate has yet to be settled. Westerly’s lawyer and executor, Rothger Croston, has summoned the five potential heirs to the remote and decaying Westerly Mansion on the Eldritch, north of the City. It’s rumored the will has some eccentric provisions.

Barton Blanchefleur, Hell Syndicate “made man” and notorious germophobe, has got a new moll that fits his usual all-white wardrobe: a young dame with white hair.

Millionaire thaumaturgist, Charles Ranulf Urst, passed away a couple of months ago, and no one has yet to enter his mansion--everybody’s too afraid of magical traps. Interestingly, his lawyers (Shreck and Wail) have recently been seen in the City taking private meetings with adventurer types.


Gothridge Manor said...

Might be of interest. Boris does not discount any rumor or fact. All is interest. I think fat so I can cover the angles. I leave skinny thinking to the shiny suits.

Sean Robson said...

I look forward, as always, to the very entertaining session reports!

Pat said...

PLEASE say the heirs have to spend the night in the haunted mansion.

Trey said...

They have to spend the night in the mansion. :)

@Sean - Thanks!

@Tim - I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Boris is a wise man.

Jim Shelley said...

Urst! That's awesome. I totally didn't get it when you said it in our game.