Thursday, July 12, 2012

If You're Just Joining Us

Art by Adam Moore
I'm still on vacation, but I noticed I picked up a couple of followers in the last few days and got a nice review over at Grognardia, so for new visitors I figured I'd point you to where you can get more information on Weird Adventures or the City.

Here's the link to an index of Weird Adventures related posts.  I haven't indexed all the back catalog, though, so it's worth perusing the previous posts.

I've got a Google+ game going in the City, though it's on vacation, as well, at the moment.  We've been using Lorefinder (Pathfinder/GUMSHOE mashup).  You can read about the whole weird affair beginning here. The first teaser post for their next mystery is here.

If you want another Weird Adventures review, the Gibbering Mouther has written a recent (and cogent) one here.

Regular programming will resume soon.  Stay tuned.


Needles said...

Very Awesome man! Look forward to reading the latest adventure

Gus L said...

Thanks fir the mention and it's great you're getting much deserved attention for Weird Adventures. Now I got to fix all the typos in my review ...