Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Things You should Buy

Well, two are new and one is a point to a sale of cool products by fellow bloggers.

Delve! is a 'zine by Johnathan Bingham, proprietor of the Ostensible Cat (astute readers of Weird Adventures will note a coffee shop by that name in the City--a shout out to Johnathan for his work on the project). This issue is basically a weird fantasy module and well-worth the price.  Check it out!

The Manor 'zine by Tim Shorts of Gothbridge Manor, is on its second issue.  The first has been reviewed positively by James at Grognardia (among others).  Reserve your copy today! 

Jack's "greatest hits" compilation/expansion of his always interesting blog posts have been  available in hardcopy for a while--but now that compendium is on sale!  I've talked this one up before. If you've been sitting on the fence, now's your chance.  Follow the links to get your hard or soft copy today.