Monday, July 9, 2012

The Multi-faceted Gnome

art by Filip Cerovecki
The gnomes of the distant future Earth known as the Planet of the Elves are dwarf-like beings of pure crystal. Not earthly beings, they are visitors from some elemental realm who came to this world long ago as colonists or explorers. They are contemplative folk, given to pondering the workings of the universe and uttering cryptic statements.  They have some sort of accord with the Mushroom Men, but often have some antipathy with the indiscriminate mining done by kobolds.

All gnomes ever encountered have appeared male.  Theere reproductive cycle is unknown but seems to involve rare elements and zealously guarded underground nests.

#App.: 1d8 AC: 2 HD: 3 Move: 60' Atks: 1 (1d6 or by weapon) Special: crystalline creature taking no damage from fire, cold, or electricity-based attacks.  Acid only does half-damage.  They are also magic resistant, making all saving throws against such at a +3. Sonic attacks do 1.5x damage. Gnomes can move through rock.


Jim Shelley said...

That's a nice illustration!

Digital Orc said...

I really like this crystal idea.

Gus L said...

Only conceptualization (except maybe garden gnomes) that has ever made me think they might be playable. Are gnomes a player race in the Fairypocolypse?

Trey said...

@Jim - Yeah, Filip does nice work.

@Digital Orc - Thanks!

@GM - I think they can be, if a player wanted to be one.

garrisonjames said...

Do these gnomes have any particular connection to Ioun Stones, perhaps?

Trey said...

Well, now they pretty much have to. ;)