Thursday, May 23, 2013


Aurogov is a movement or polity based in the Zuran Expanse. It has been described as a quasi-religious voluntary tyranny (though its leaders consitently deny its religious character). Participants advance through levels ("The Protocol") wherein Aurogov teachings take greater and greater control of their lives. Adherents typically begin with a download of Aurogov’s open license self-help software, distributed by parties unknown in the noosphere of most civilized worlds.  The seed software slowly evolves into a nonsapient ai mind emulation of the (perhaps mythical) founder of the group ("The Prime"). Its progressive audits and critiques of the thought processes and behavior of the user lead to progressive behavior modification of susceptible individuals. "Advanced" members without public relations duties tend to dress in the same grey uniform like garments and use frequent aphorisms from Aurogov teachings in their speech.

Aurogov is thought to have its origins on Old Earth and is a multi-geneline--even mutli-species--organization, but its primary functionaries are a clade of gray-skinned, long-chinned humanoids who call themselves "Technicians" but are known to those outside the organization as Aurogovans. Defectors from the organization report the Technicians' habitat within the Expanse is also the home of the Ascended Masters of Aurogov: Individuals who have obtained superhuman powers by mastering all stages laid out in their central texts. There are always three Ascended Masters and they always hide their faces behind masks like giant eyes. They are either posthuman masterminds or a bit of theater to provide cover for the real leaders, depending on what defector you ask.

There are allegations or rumors that Aurogov and its Ascended Masters have a hidden agenda: they are actually engaged in a secret, psionic distributed computing project. Every new participant in the Protocol--every new mind they can access--brings them closer to their goal.

Attributes: Force 3, Cunning 6, Wealth 5
Hit Points: 29
Assets: Demagogue/Cunning 6, Organization Moles/Cunning 5, Marketers/Wealth 5, Security Personnel/Force 1
Tags: Theocratic


The Angry Lurker said...

Sneaky sounding beggars!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to MindHead.

Love it. Now, the Aurogov is very supportive of its members, helping them advance in their chosen profession as it reflects well on the Aurogov.

That defectors tend to suffer from strange accidents and unfortunate circumstances is purely a coincidence.

Trey said...

@Fran - That sounds libellous! They'll see you in court.

@seaofstarsrpg - Yes. Just further proof of how the Protocol changes lives for the better.

Gothridge Manor said...

I know I read this twice, but everytime I get to the cartilage goatee I forget everything.

Trey said...

@Tim - Is that do to envy or trauma?