Thursday, May 30, 2013

Terror and Atavism

The Eden Seekers are a group of antignostic sapience-rejectionists among the avian humanoid hyehoon, who sometimes engage in terrorist activities. Contrary to the beliefs of the majority of their species, they view their fabled creator, the genetic engineer Anat Marao as a satanic figure. Their ultimate goal is the purging of the hominid influence in their genome to return their descendants to the “pure” avian genetics of their presumed ancestors.

There is a wide range of expression of Eden Seeker beliefs. Some merely choose to engage in atavistic rituals where their minds are downloaded into bird-like bioroid bodies. Others actually actually have temporary (or permanent) nanosurgically restructuring. Still others are fanatic terrorists seeking to acquire and use weapons of mass gene restructuring.

Though their primary focus is on overthrowing the social structure of the hyehoon homeworld Omu, Eden Seeker extremists sometimes hide in Expanse or smuggle weapons through its hyperspace nodes.

Attributes: Force 3, Cunning 6, Wealth 5
Hit Points: 29
Assets: Boltholes/Cunning 6, Demagogue/Cunning 5, Laboratory/Wealth 3, Zealots/Force 3
Tags: Fanatical


Tallgeese said...

So they are trying to revert to non-sapiemce? Reverse ascension is a new one!

Trey said...

While that's the stated goal of the belief system there are various opinions about what endpoint is most desirable. Some believe a full return to edenic non sapience isn't possible in this fallen world. Others believe it is, but only over generations. Vanishingly few (obviously) go out and immediately have their profronal cortices removed.