Friday, May 17, 2013

Suit Up

art by Simon Roy
EXOSKIN: a vacc suit of programmable matter. An exoskin forms around a wearer as they pass through a suit membrane aperture found before the airlock on a spacecraft. Once a wearer is clear of the membrane, the suit takes only a few seconds to finalize its configuration. Exoskins come in various forms from skintight to bulbous and oversized. They can be programmed to have slightly different properties, including opacity, color, texture, and thickness. They typically have the features and attachments common to other sorts of vacc suits, other than armor. Suit membranes have supplies of programmable matter based on the crew compliment of the ship. Small ones can create 5 suits. Larger ones may be able to create 20 or more with less than a minute in between. [Essentially the same as the Vacc skin in Stars Without Number in game terms.]


Jay Exonauts said...

Awesome! And I love Prophet--one of the best, truly science fictional comics out there right now. The current run is chock full of goodness for gaming. That's one of my favorite covers too (I think you'll recognize it in an upcoming post!)

Trey said...

Thanks. Yeah, Prophet is awesome.