Monday, May 27, 2013

Resumption and A Witch

After a 4 month hiatus, we resumed our face to face WaRP Weird Adventures game last night. After spending several sessions trying to acquire the snowglobe that was the key to get into a dead sorcerer's palatial (and presumably treasure-laden) estate from a group of Hell Syndicate goons, our heroes had finally headed out on the train to Shamballa (the aforementioned estate), only to get off the train in a hick Southron town.

There, they were sucked in by the sob story of a gator-woman who told them that some gator-folk children had been stolen by a "pirate witch" that lived in a lake deep in the swamp. Three sessions later (after wrangling a gator-folk guide and tangling with deformed bandits in a steam-powered truck) they finally met "the pirate witch." That was only after a short trek through the swamp and the sauve spy in the party sweet-talking her doe-eyed and legless "grand-daughter," Elvinny.

The semi-aquatic witch is apparently trapped in the rotting wreck of her pirate ship by some sort of curse--and her bulk (not all of which is apparent above water). She wants the PCs to break her out. They're undestandably wary and try to stall for time to get more information. Most of the group head back to the town of Bullneck to "get supplies." Poor old Yianese gentleman, Professor Po, has to stay as the witches hostage.

And so, a side episode stretches to four sessions, but the players' seem to be enjoying it.


Tallgeese said...

Very cool. Sounds like your group is enjoying the game with WaRP, no?

Trey said...

I think so, though honestly, I don't think system makes too much difference to them, so long as it's not too complicated.

Tallgeese said...

That's how I feel about FATE Accelerated Edition. It has all the fun bits of FATE (like Aspects and the stuff like declarations you can do with FATE Points) will a lot less mechanical freight.

I never played OTE, but I have all three editions, so I guess you could say I am a fan (or a completist)!

Trey said...

That sounds interesting about Accelerated Edition of FATE. I may have to check that out.

The Weaponized Pencil said...

Come to Meg, juicy boy! ☺ Hi Trey! It's Rico.

Trey said...

Hey, man! Thanks for stopping by. :)