Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bomoth Bebop

Bomoth (sing. boma) are a species of renowned throughout the known galaxy as musicians. Though there home moon (Woon) is in the Coreward Reach, they can be encountered on tour in the various hegemonies and even the Zuran Expanse. They are best known for the improvisational, syncopated musical genre known as Bomoth jook.

Appearance and Biology: Bomoth appear something like blue giant caterpillars, 1.5 to 2.5 m long. They are invertebrates, possessing a hydrostatic skeleton. There faces are oddly human-like, though they have four eyes, each inferior to the human eye, but roughly comparable in the aggregate. Their auditory sensors are arranged around their head in a corona-like fashion, and have different receptors for different frequency ranges, lending overall superior sound discrimination to humans. 
Their bellows-like lungs enable fine breath control, aiding their playing of some musical instruments. Their vocal apparatus is such that they are incredible mimics. The number of their limbs depend on the individual's length, but the first 2 to 3 segments end in muscular tendrils capable of fine manipulation. The other limbs are similarly equipped, but less dexterous in most individuals. It's unclear how many sexes there are among them; bomoth are circumspect on that question with other species. Some individuals grow twin rows of dorsal spines, but the size of these vary with age and likely other factors.

A popular theory (likely suggested by their resemblance to caterpillars) is that bomoth are a larval form of some other organism. Visitors to the underground mushroom forests of their home moon occasionally report sightings of butterfly-winged creatures resembling human females flitting through the twilight. These sighting are dismissed as the result of exposure to psychoactive fungi spores in the atmosphere.

Artist rendition of one of the so-called "Angels of Woon"
Psychology: Bomoth tend to be relaxed, almost to the point of imperturbability. This is often attributed to their habitual use of a fungus-derived, mild intoxicant chreech, but it's likely a species trait. Bomoth are often philosophical and given to obscure musings, but this never gets in the way of praticalities, like payment for performances or seeking pleasure. Jook musicians are known for a distinctive slang, all but impenetrable to the uninitiated. 

No. Appearing:1-4
AC: 8
Hit Dice: 1
Saving Throw: Warrior 1
Attack Bonus: +0
Damage: by weapon, or 1-2 punch
Movement: 20’
Skill Bonus: +3
Morale: 7


Aos said...

That's hep.

Trey said...

@Aos - Cool, daddy-o.

Jack Guignol said...

As long as jook music doesn't sound like the "smooth jazz" they play over the weather report, I'm down.

Trey said...

@Jack - I think this may be in the genre for more posh clubs.

The Angry Lurker said...

Very hip, very "Pigeon Toed Orange Peel!.......

Chris C. said...

I can dig it.

These guys seem made for music.

Fabien Lyraud said...

Who is the drawers of the image you used ?

Trey said...

@Fabien - The top image is by Wayne Barlowe and the bottom by Jim Starlin.

Jack H. said...

Your appreciation of Barlowe has led to some great concepts indeed.

Trey said...

Thanks! Barlowe is definitely good for inspiration.