Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mother to Monsters

Echidna is a vast, protoplasmic entity whose main body is in the abyssal depths, though she has spread tendrils to shallower regions. She was a creation of the Titans, a living bio-assembler and the primeval source of all life on Earth. She should have long ago lapsed into programmed senescence, but instead, infected by Typhon, she makes monsters. Her rippling, protean bulk disgorges half-formed, primitive organisms (some free-swimming, others encased in membraneous sacs) from its surface. Many of these die, falling back into Echidna to be engulfed and re-absorbed, but others rise to the surface--and continue to evolve. Echidna is intelligent (though with an intelligence alien to humans) and will respond to stimuli, sometimes exuding shapes to mimic them.

Any monster can potentially be generated by echidna, but here are some vaugely mythology related ones. Feel free to reskin the monsters for maximum grotesqueness while keeping the stats the same:
1 - Giant Boar
2 - Chimera
3 - Naga
4 - Giant Fish
5 - Hill Giant
6 - Hydra
7 - Giant Leech
8 - Manticore
9 - Giant Octopus
10 - Giant Snake


Gothridge Manor said...

Strange and creepy. Excellent mix.

Chris C. said...

I always like monster origin explanations like this one, with the broad "where do they all come from" sense.