Sunday, August 11, 2013

Three Titanides

Mnemosyne embodies memory and so is both archive and archivist. She forms a shared conceptual space linking the intellects of all her fellow Titans. Olympians and humans may access her through certain passcode rituals and altered states of consciousness. Mnemosyne very rarely appears in a physical form, but when she does it as a giant bronze mask of a woman’s face.

Partnered with Koios, Phoebe is the programmer of causality and the engineer of future probabilities. She was once the operator of the Oracle at Delphi, but is now subservient to Apollo on that project. Phoebe appears as a woman whose body is made of gently pulsing white radiance, her face a stylized golden mask, etched with lines of bright light.

Themis embodies divine order and cosmic law. She punishes violations of causality and reality, and wards against extracosmic incursions. While she didn't side with the Olympians in the coup, her desire for order led her to support Zeus’s rule once he was enthroned. Themis appears as a giant woman clothed in golden body armor. The lower half of her face is bare, but her eyes are covered. She carries a golden sword.


Chris C. said...

I like your take on Mnemosyne as a three-faceted archive, archivist and "connection." It really takes things beyond "mere" personification.

Trey said...

Thanks, Chris. That was definitely the one that has gelled the best of the three.

The Angry Lurker said...

I prefer Themis......

Trey said...

I can see how you would. :)