Thursday, August 29, 2013


As fearsome as the ssraad are, there is one species that at least lone ssraad seem to fear: A race of bone pale monsters, the accursed and implacable enemies of the zurr. These monsters who monsters fear are known as the xann.

The xann [ksahn] claim to have been a peaceful species in the Zuran Expanse (before it had that name) whose habitats were destroyed by the zurr. Millions were killed, but refugees escaped. Taking shelter among other species, the xann refugees remained a people apart. They nursed their hate--and plotted revenge.

That's the popular story. The xann of today are chalk white-skinned, slim, almost delicate-appearing humans. They are never seen in groups larger than 3 or four. Often their children are abandoned to be raised by other sophonts. Xann hide their identities, to avoid being shunned by other species. No one who has heard the stories wants to be near a xann when the transformation occurs. 

Despite historical consensus that the zurr are an extinct cultured, the xann believe that a few of their enemies have passed their minds down through the ages, downloading them into new bodies. The xann believe they have the ability to detect them. They are a driven people, hunting the stars for these hidden zurr. When a xann finds a target (be it one of their secret zurr or a ssraad), he or she transforms into a hunter form, a monstrous, bioengineered killing machine.

The single-mindedness of the xann and their propensity for sudden violence have given them a negative reputation among other sophonts, but they aren't barred from any major ports or habitats. Most choose to keep a low profile, if only to better stalk their prey. Even when they don't die by violence, the xann tend to have shorter lifespans than other near human sophonts. The metabolic stress of their transformation takes a toll.

No. Appearing: 1-2
AC: 3
HD: 7
Saving Throw: 11
Attack Bonus: +8/+8/+6
Damage: 2d4/2d4 claws, 1d6 bite
Movement: 40’
Morale: 11
Special Abilities: They regenerate 2 hit points per round, starting after 2 rounds of combat. They possess the equivalent of the biopsionic power Invincible Stand.


The Angry Lurker said...

I like them, being Irish I like a species who live for revenge!

Trey said...

@Fran - Every alien I make up reminds you of the Irish in some way! :)

Chris C. said...

As fearsome as the ssraad are, there is one species that at least lone ssraad seem to fear

I always enjoy a good "no-matter-how-tough-you-are-there's-always-someone-tougher" vibe.

Trey said...

@Chris - If anybody deserved it, it's the ssraad.