Monday, September 16, 2013

Return of the Avatar

After a wait of over a year, The Legend of Korra returned last week for it's second season. If your not familiar with Korra or the Avatar franchise, take a look here.

Like the first season, it seems societal change will pay a part in the action as it unfolds. This time, the conflict may be between tradition and modernity, though as has been true of both Avatar series so far, family dynamics seem to play a big part. The story is set outside of Republic City this time (the first two episodes feature the territory of the Southern Water Tribe and the Southern Air Temple); Hopefully will get a bit of a "world tour" like in the original Avatar. Unlike the first season where Korra's foes were strictly human, malign spirits get in the game this time around--presenting a threat Korra seems ill-prepared to handle.

The animation and writing is just as good as it ever was. While it's hard to tell from just two episodes, it seems this season may not require extensive knowledge of the first to follow, other than knowing the characters and the basics of setting--something easily gotten from the internet (Though the first season is available on Amazon Instant video.)

Check it out. The first two episodes are online at Nickolodeon and new episodes air on Fridays.


John Arendt said...

Thanks for the heads up, I missed that this was coming back.

Trey said...

I have forgotten about it, too. Luckily, the trusty DVR picked it up.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

It was awesome. We are huge Avatar fans here.

Chris C. said...

Yeah, I need to watch it. I started, and liked it, but for some reason it kind of "fell through the cracks."