Sunday, September 15, 2013

Wisdom and War

Fights As: L18
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 2 (in armor), 1 (+shield)
Hit Points: 225
Attacks: 1
Damage: by weapon
Save: L18

S: 24      I: 23       W: 23    D: 22      C: 25      CH: 23
Special Abilities: standard Olympian and see below

Athena is the bio-engineered “daughter” of Zeus. He created her with the aid of the artificial intelligence, Metis, as his ideal heir—though he shows no signs of being ready to abdicate, as yet. She provides him with wise counsel and supports arts necessary for civilization among humans, including various crafts and warfare. Her roll makes her a rival of several other Olympians, but so far none have been able to best her.  Unlike most of her people, Athena does not take human lovers. She is generally positively disposed toward humans, but prideful and unwilling to tolerate an insult.

Athena usually appears as a beautiful woman dressed in armor (an has fully encased, environmentally sealed variants for use when necessary).  She habitually carries a short sword (a quantum-edged blade, +5 to hit/1d6+5 dmg) When actually going to war, she wields an energized spear (+2 to hit/5d6 dmg) and carries a shield that can emit a swirling flash of colored light, causing seizures in any of baseline human neurostructure who view it (save vs. Stun Attack at a -1 penalty, lasts 1d4 rounds).


Chris C. said...

Athena does not take human lovers

Too bad really. I've had a crush on Athena since I was 14 and studied mythology in English class. I always had a thing for smart chicks wearing sensible armor (strange but true).

Anonymous said...

Athena is my favorite of the Olympians, even if she shares some of their flaws, she is still the most sensible of them.