Sunday, September 29, 2013

City Automobile Enthusiast

The automobile is an important part of the world of Weird Adventures, though no specific automobile makes are mentioned in the book. Some of these after appeared in play; after all, adventurers like to get around town in style.

A modest new sedan (like a standard model from the Cord Motor Company) can be purchased for around $500-600. Fancier automobiles or sporty models will cost more--sometimes, much more. Here are a couple of high end examples that have appeared in my games:

5883 Raser "Dual Six" Fitzroy Sports Saloon
Engine: V12, 150 bhp
Top Speed: 100 mph
This is a luxury automobile; less than 60 exist and each was built to order at a price of $12,000+. Cornelius Doyle's has a silver elephant head hood ornament.

5885 Auberon 761 Series C Speedster
Engine: super-charged 8-cylinder, 150 bhp
Top Speed: 104 mph
This stylish roadster sales for $2245. Gentleman thief Don Diabolico is the proud owner of one.


Tallgeese said...

Very nice. Who wouldn't want to own a Sports Saloon - especially if you have a driver?

Trey said...

@John - Doyle didn't have a chaffeur, but he did have a personal assistant and a big cat.

Sean Robson said...

Yep, put me down for a Sports Saloon, too. It looks like the Adams Family's car.

Aos said...

City post! Kick ass!

Gothridge Manor said...

Hey, where's the Borismoblie?

Trey said...

That's a good question, Tim: What does Boris drive?

Gothridge Manor said...

This would be a good start.

Trey said...

That's a good start--though I'm sure it's street legal.