Friday, September 26, 2014

Some Folk of Yanth

Just brainstorming a bit. Here are some characters the players in my 5e game may well meet in the near future:

Art by Renee Calvert
Viola, the Clockwork Princess of Yanth. A marvelous invention and marvelous inventor in her own right.

Art by Yuriy
Rarebit Finn, Hara pirate from the Motley Isles and Black Iris's first-mate.

Yrrol B. Gladhand, Mayor of Rivertown, but with ambitions that reach higher--perhaps much higher.


Anonymous said...

I wish to learn more about the Clockwork Princess.

Trey said...

The player's will learn more, I suspect. As they do, I'll report it to you. :)

Aos said...

I like clockwork people and rabbit people. Does 5e have rules for all that, or are you just doing it all yourself?

Trey said...

Adding myself, though I'm see the warforged before doing any automata.

Anonymous said...

Entirely fair. Look forward to reading more.