Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Strange Stars' Most Wanted

Here's a selection of  "most wanted" criminals culled from various crime databases across known space:

The Dragon’s Teeth: An infosophont which generates for its clients a specially synthesized, infectious nanoweapon for the purposes of creating assassins from random bystanders.

Haxun Malokk: Penitent crime lord operating out of an independent principality on Circus. Though associated with numerous crimes, he may be more notable for his eccentricity: he has patterned his criminal persona on an Old Earth historic work named Chicago Mobs of the Twenties and forces the members of his gang to dress and act accordingly.

Ligeia-988: Eratoan bioroid who masterminded a large-scale kidnapping ring in a supposedly unused pleasure dome. Most of her victims believed they were on vacation during the duration of their confinement.

Mako Orm: An infamous Zao Pirate who escaped capture by the privateer vessel Thermidorian by use of a bootleg genderswap nanoswarm. She is believed to be living under an assumed name in the Strip.

Polychrome: Allegedly the target of contract killers hired by Neshekk Banking Clans, this con-artist was responsible for a major “correction” in Alliance financial markets after a spectacularly successful execution of the “new node scam.”


Chris C. said...

Very cool. Ligeia's kidnap victims not even realizing they were prisoner's is certainly one good way of making sure no one tries to escape.

Gothridge Manor said...

This category will be thumbed through a lot. Especially if you put nekkid pictures in there Trey.

Seriously though, interest batch of villains. I hope to get some use out of them sometime soon.

Unknown said...

where is that first pic from? Very GotG / Micronauts feel.

Trey said...

Thanks guys!

@Tom - It's from the animated series Generator Rex.