Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday Comics: Princess Aura in Her Underwear

...and Flash, Ming, and Thun, too--but they don't make for the click-grabbing headline.

I picked up IDW's Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim Volume 1 last week with a bit of hesitation has I already had Checker's and Titan's first Flash Gordon volumes, but the full Sunday pages size (actually slightly larger) and colors( that are a good compromise between Checker's glossy ones and Titan's too muted ones) are worth it. Though at a little larger than 16 x 12, it isn't exactly portable.

Another interesting thing about these full reprints is that they reproduce the paper dolls that Raymond did along with the strip.

As promised, here's Princess Aura from 1934:

Her papa, Ming:

Lura "Vultan's favorite":

Flash Gordon:

And last, but not least, Prince Thun the Lion Man:


Tom said...

I can't look at Ming without hearing "I'm Too Sexy" in my head.

Jay Exonauts said...

Poor Flash doesn't get any pants with either outfit!

Malcadon said...

I had the same thought too, Tom.

And yes, Flash really loves to strut his stuff. ;)

Noah S. said...

Ming looks like an Erol Otus Mindflayer