Monday, March 9, 2015

From the Catalog of Worlds

A follow up to this post, here are a few excerpts from the Catalog of Worlds:

Type: Physical
Reality: Fixed, paraphysical (“cartoon physics”)
Dominant Lifeform: Humanoids resembling Terran animals
Description: Animal World appears to be an alternate Earth, except for it being inhabited by talking, anthropomorphic animals. Beyond the dominate species, all objects, whether ostensibly living or not, are animate to varying degrees. Their technology level is roughly late 20th century, and the populace’s awareness and acceptance of space and multiversal travel is highly variable. The altered physical laws of the world can be disorienting and even dangerous. Visitors are encouraged to spend time in virtually simulations before arrival to acclimate themselves as much as possible.

Type: Metaphysical
Reality: Generally fixed, paraphysical
Dominant Lifeform: polyhedroid machine life with a group mind
Description: Control is believed by many to be substructure of the universe—its underlying operating system. It’s mostly perceived as a 3-dimensional grid of glowing lines in a void, disappearing into infinity, though some visitors have described a hum of unseen machinery. The 4-dimensional polyhedroids are “programs” then, tasked with increasing uptime and eliminating threats. Any traveler who makes it to Control runs the risk of beings perceived as such. Polyhedroids communicate in the “machine code” of the universe, so their transmissions are highly efficient at reality manipulation at cut through the formulae and sigils of other entities.

Type: Metaphysical
Reality: Limited mutability; individual realms are locally fixed
Dominant Lifeform: Diaboli
Description: The Diaboli clade have either formed or modified a mostly barren universe to hold a number of realms and subrealms with environments and physics tailored to the desires of their rulers. They are a very wealthy cultured, enriched by their dealings with other species. Each realm is under the control of a director. There are very few laws to limit the director’s authority, at least when it comes to visitors from other worlds. Their society is very hierarchical, despite their protestations at times to the contrary, and research into protocol prior to a visit is highly advisable.

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