Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Multiversal Spotlight: Earths Stan & Jack

Concept: Earth of Stan Lee's Just Imagine
Pictured: (left to right) Flash (Mary Maxwell), Green Lantern (Leonard Lewis), Batman (Wayne Williams), Superman (Salden), Wonder Woman (Maria Mendoza), Shazam (Robert Rogers).
Sources: The Just Imagine Stan Lee... series of oneshots 2001-2002.
Analogs: None.
Comments: In the Just Imagine series, Stan Lee re-imagined a number of DC characters and even Crisis with the help of various artists: Joe Kubert (Batman), Jim Lee (Wonder Woman), John Buscema (Superman), Kevin Maguire (the Flash), Dave Gibbons (Green Lantern), John Byrne (Robin), Gary Frank (Captain Marvel), Scott McDaniel (Aquaman), Catwoman (Chris Bachalo), Sandman (Walt Simonson), JLA (Jerry Ordway), and John Cassaday (Crisis).

Note that Earth-6 and Earth-51 occupy opposing positions in the Multiversity map, with Earth-6 connected to the Pit (Apokolips) and Earth-51 to the Pinnacle (New Genesis).

Concept: Earth of Jack Kirby creations
Pictured: (left to right) Lightray, Tuftan, Mister Miracle, Highfather, Kamandi, Big Barda, BiOMAC, ?.
Sources: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth (1972), New Gods (1971), OMAC (1974), Final Crisis (2008).
Analogs: Pre-Crisis Earth-86 was identified as the home of Kamandi and OMAC in Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths (2006); Post-52 Earth-15 in home to a version of Kamandi as established in 52 Week 52 (May 2007), but after being recreated by Nix Uotan, Earth-51 is also home to Kamandi and ultimately the New Gods at the end of Final Crisis.
Comments: The earlier versions of a Kamandi Earth were also the home of other non-Kirby characters that have been tied in to the Great Disaster: the Atomic Knights and Hercules. There is no indication that those characters exist on Earth-51. The version of OMAC here ("BIOMAC") differs from previous versions of the character, at least in name.


Unknown said...

this is also home of Justice league 3000 and the BWAHAHAHA justice league (Justice buddies)

Trey said...

Oh, has that been confirmed finally as to where the non-evil Maxwell Lord, non-dead Ted Kord divergent universe is? Last I heard, they were still being cagey.

Unknown said...

the last issue of JL3000 shows Ice interacting with Kamandi and the Atomic knights...seems like the same universe.

Malcadon said...

Earth-51 is my number one favorite DC Multiverse. I quite enjoy the Kamandi and Atomic Knights comics -- mostly form being a huge fan of Gamma World -- and I own most of the Kamandi comics. That, and I'm not much of a costumed superhero comic fan outside of the X-Men.

When I found out that the Infinite Crises event expunged Kamandi form the DC universe, was a little disappointed, but I quickly snapped to the realization that the Great Disaster continuity was freed from the weird meddling (recons) seen in the newer comics -- it is it's own thing, preserved in its own reality. I am glade that they made a new home for it in The New 52.

The 2001: A Space Odyssey comic might be Marvel, but in my heart, it is sooo Earth-51 canon.

Patrick C said...

I think that is Avia, Highfather's wife, all the way at the end there.

Trey said...

Good call, Patrick.