Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Gang

I don't talk a lot about the social aspect of the game here, tending to focus more on ideas or inspirations, but my gaming group has been down a couple of players the past couple of sessions and not just due to difficult schedules (which happens to us sometimes). One of my players--one of my friends, Jim--was diagnosed with colon cancer and has been undergoing chemo. We hope we've worked out a way for him to join us this time via the internet, at least. We'll see.

My present group is pretty new in its current configuration. Andrea is the newest and brings some fresh enthusiasm. Though new to rpgs in general, she has jumped in with both feet. She plays in our group and in a weekly game with another group. Her character is a sort of fussy dwarf cleric, often appalled by the moral failings of the world.

Eric and Bob have gamed with me off and on since we were residents. Bob always plays fighters with a flexible morality and a strong appreciation for gold. In real life, Bob works like crazy and still trains for things like mud-runs and zombie obstacle courses. Eric sometimes tries to play evil or amoral characters, but his inherent goodness always stymies him. He can't even be evil in pretend. He has a fondness for magic-user types.

Tug I know from the comic book store in town where he used to work, but he has since moved on to better things. Tug sort of reminds me of Jake the Dog on Adventure Time! when he's all joie de vivre. He plays a frogling thief named Waylon who strums a banjo.

Gina is a GM in her own right (I've played before in her Boot Hill game) and the author of a Western Romance novel, first serialized on her blog. She's also Jim's wife. When she played a hoodoo woman in our last game,she brought a bag of props with her--including a chickens foot and a crystal ball. This time she's a badass elf ranger--no props, unfortunately.

And Jim, well, it's likely Weird Adventures wouldn't have happened without him, since he did the layout. He writes a comics blog. Despite having a wife who is a gamer, he hadn't really played a lot until I dragged him into it. He's often plays it very cautious and and calculated. He'd do well with a killer DM, but in my games, his over caution just winds up bringing a bit of amusement. As a former local rock star in his youth, it's fitting he plays the bard.

I have to confess, I'm never been a big fan of games, in general. I don't really play video/computer games. Board games are something I like only rarely. I like rpgs, though. In part, it's due to the creativity involved, but without the people I sit at the table with, it would only be writing--and that wouldn't be the same at all.


Gothridge Manor said...

I love, He can't even be evil in pretend.

"...without the people I sit at the table with, it would only be writing--and that wouldn't be the same at all." I'll give you a Friday Amen to that one.

Excellent post Trey. Sounds like a great group.

Trey said...

Thanks, Tim. I've been lucky enough to play with only good groups in my adult life.

Which reminds me, its been a long time since we've played!

tug said...

Dawww, our DM likes us! He really likes us! Seriously, he is the glue that keeps this group of rascals together.

Jim Shelley said...

What you call very cautious I call wise tactics that have saved our party on more than one occasion - just don't make me try to recount any of them! :)
Thank you for the nice write up. We really enjoy the inventive scenarios and characters you come up with!

Kai-Lee Kenniz said...

Though my time with this group was very brief, I and my shapeshifter Miss Snow miss all of you. Big hugs all around!

'gina said...

Kai-Lee might have only been with us briefly, but you were still missed when you left. :-)

This is a great game, and a great group. I really hate to missing out on it right now. Trey, this was a sweet article. Made us both smile!

And you're right, it's unfortunate that I have fallen down on my prop habit. Next time, I'm bringing something. I have just the thing.

Trey said...

Thanks guys. I guess I can't kill your characters this next adventure. ;)

@Kai-Lee: Brief but memorable, definitely. Hugs to you, too. Maybe we can do a Hangout game when you get settled in?

@Gina - I didn't mean it as a challenge, but okay. :)