Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday Comics: Multiversal Spotlight: Earth-35

Concept: Earth Maximum Press/Awesome Comics Universe.
Pictured: (left to right) Starcop (analog of Starhunter, analog of Martian Manhunter), Mercury-Man (analog of Doc Rocket, analog of the Flash), Miss X (stand-in for Alley Cat, a pastiche of Black Canary/Catwoman), Morphin' Man (analog of Polyman, analog of Plastic Man/Elongated Man), Majesty (analog of Glory, pastiche of Wonder Woman), Olympian (stand-in for Fisherman, stand-in for Green Arrow), Supremo (analog of Supreme, pastiche of Superman), the Owl (stand-in for Professor Night, Batman analog).
Sources/Inspirations: Maximum Press/Awesome Comics' Supreme #41-56, Supreme: The Return, Judgment Day (1997), Avatar Comics' Alan Moore's Glory (2001).
Analog: None in previous versions of the DC Multiverse.
Comments: Morrison has said this Earth is "a copy of a copy." In 1992, Rob Liefield's Extreme Studios populated his corner of the Image shared universe with dark heroes in 90s style. In 1996, after Liefield's depature from Image, he allowed Alan Moore to remake his characters in the image of Silver Age DC Comics. Supreme went having an inconsistent backstory and being largely vengeful and violent to being a very close pastiche of Silver Age Superman that more would use as a commentary on comics in general and Superman in particular. The other characters mostly just filled out Supreme's world, though Moore had bigger plans for Glory, which were never realized with that character, but seem to have provided the inspiration for Promethea.


Desdichado said...

For some reason, I've always been a big fan of ersatz Justice Leagues, so I have to admit that I'm a big fan of this series of posts. I hadn't heard of a number of these before, including this one!

Unknown said...

pick up the Multiversity guidebook...worth every penny!

Trey said...

@Joshua - Glad you're digging them.

@Tom - It is indeed good stuff.