Friday, December 28, 2018

More Monster Manual Taxonomy: The Demihumans!

This is a follow-up to this post. D&D suggests that tribe Hominini is much like Canini and has species, even genera, close enough genetically to reproduce. Here's what we've got:

In genus Homo:
Elves H. formosus
Drow H. formosus tenebrarum
Halflings H. pygmeus
Orcs H. ferox

In genus Genomus:
Dwarves G. barbatus
Gnomes G. artificis
Deep Gnomes G. profundi

It is likely that there is a genus Gigantanthropus which includes ogres (proposed G. atrox) and goliaths (proposed G. montanus) and perhaps other near giants. Research is ongoing.


JDsivraj said...

Shouldn't Orcs be Cobalina? Orare early scholars in error as to the relationship of Goblins and Orcs?

Trey said...

The fluff is variable between editions, but they are all consistent that orcs can cross breed with humans whereas other goblinoids don't seem to. That suggests to me that 5e is correct and orcs aren't goblinoids, but in fact closer related to humans. Maybe the "missing link" between the groups.

Simon J. Hogwood said...

So Dwarves are literally the "Bearded Gnomes". That's hilarious.