Sunday, December 30, 2018

Playing with Heroforge

Heroforge, a custom 3D printed miniature design site is pretty cool. My wife and I were playing with it over the holidays, and while there are some frustrating lacks, it already has an impressive array of design elements. Here are a couple of the characters in my Land of Azurth campaign:

Kully the Bard:

And Kairon the Demonlander (i.e. Tiefling) Sorcerer:

 Its inclusion of Western/Victorian elements not only helped Azurth designs, but also my old Wampus Country character, Horvendile Early:

And there's sci-fi stuff. Here are the three characters from the cover of Strange Stars:


Dr. Theda said...

We do enjoy Hero Forge

Dr. Theda said...

Made a small post at the "Crypt" for you, good Sir... and a great 2019 to you and yours !!! Hello from Marshville

Patrick Mallah said...

Have you had any of these printed off yet?

Trey said...

Not yet, but maybe soon. I'll report back if I do.