Monday, December 31, 2018

Weird Revisited: Hyades Plains Drifter

This 2015 post is a bit recent for revisit, but playing with Hero Forge over the weekend and designing Tex Hex from Bravestarr brought it back to mind...

Take McKinney's Carcosa, remove whatever homology to Masters of the Universe is there, replacing it instead with echoes of Bravestarr. For the more literary minded: take out some of the Lovecraft and replace it with elements of King's Dark Tower series. Now you've got a weird western on an alien world.

A Bone Man, probably
Drop those sorcerous rituals that upset some people and replace them with drugs. Now you've got an acid weird western on an alien world. That ought to be enough for any game, but you're a jaded bunch with a decadent palate so don't let the alien thing keep you from borrowing from Forteana related to the America West: tombs of giants, tiny mummies, underground lizard (or snake) men. Thunderbirds. Season to taste with Shaver mystery.

Saddle up, cowboy. Lost Carcosa awaits.


Mangelune said...

This I want to see.Been toying with the idea of reviving old cheesy cartoons but it was with Fate and would have been a bit self indulging. Like the idea of acid western way more!

James Mishler said...

Must be something in the air... or maybe we all have too much time on our hands that we spend watching those old cartoons. Time spent well, I may add, never wasted!