Monday, December 17, 2018

Rocket [ICONS]


Prowess: 5
Coordination: 6
Strength: 4
Intellect: 4
Awareness: 4
Willpower: 5

Determination: 1
Stamina: 9

Specialties: Athletics

Queen of Speed
Legacy Heroine
"Let's Go!"

Magic Roller Skates (Super Speed Device): 9
Extras: Air Control: 6, Fast Attack, Defending, Surface Speed

Kelli Cross was a college student, but she preferred to spend her time with her roller derby team. When she discovered her grandfather Walt had been the costumed crime-fighter, Rocket, during World War II, using a set of magical roller-skates that he supposedly come from genie—well, it all sounded pretty hard to believe, but skating and fighting crime just seemed like the thing to do!

Kelli began fighting crime in Southern California as the new Rocket and later became a member of the Super-Sentinels.


JB said...

I feel like I've seen this one this a re-post?

On a semi-related note, I was down at the Barnes & Nobles the other day and saw they have a Dazzler action figure, complete with classic costume! I always loved Dazzler (and roller-skating heroes in general).
: )

Trey said...

I published the art with FASERIP stats before, so your memory does not deceive you