Thursday, June 18, 2020

A Report on Current Events in the Land of Azurth

The status quo of the Land of Azurth was laid out in my early posts on the it, but some things have changed over the years of the ongoing campaign. Here are some of the highlights:

Gladhand Out! Errol B. Gladhand, former Mayor of Rivertown in Yanth Country and patron of the PCs in my home group lost the most recent election to Drumpf, who's used his wizardly connections to turn Rivertown into something of an armed camp. Gladhand, convinced of electoral fraud, embroiled the PCs in a scheme to hire mercenaries to take back the city, but the results of that have yet to be seen.

The Unseen Princess. Viola, the Clockwork Prince of Yanth closed off her laboratory-palace and has been seen since before the election.

Under-Sea Revealed. The formerly half-mythical land of Under-Sea has been visited by the PCs and freed from the yoke of Toad Temple tyranny.

Cat Folk Do Exist. There were not supposed to be any Cat Folk in the Land of Azurth, but it turns out there is a small number. Calico Bonny of Rivertown's Floating World is one, as is her brother, the swashbuckling Calico Jack.

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